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Игра "The Room Two"

Номер два
Версия: 1.05 | Размер: 279 Mb
Цена: 67,58 руб.

NOTE: If playing on a Tab3, you'll need the Android 4.4 update installed to run the game.Welcome to The Room Two, a physical puzzler, wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifully tactile 3D world. The much anticipated sequel to ‘The Room’, recipient of a BAFTA award, is here at last. Follow a trail of cryptic letters from an enigmatic scientist known only as "AS" into a compelling world of mystery and exploration.

  • “An intricately woven work of fiction perfectly suited to its format, this is the sort of game that it's worth sitting in the dark for.” - Pocketgamer “A gorgeous-looking game offering larger locations with multiple interactive areas and puzzles. A perfect game for a cold winter's night.” – Eurogamer “Leaves you thinking about how to solve its puzzles even when not playing; a sign of a classy game, which this most definitely is.” – 148Apps “A superb sequel with stunning visuals, the level of complexity on display here is quite astounding. The Room Two should be on top of your gaming list.” - GSM Arena “An exceptionally good puzzle game; if you liked The Room, be sure to download the sequel” – PadGadget “An incredibly compelling experience with clever puzzles, gorgeous visuals, and a spooky atmosphere; absolutely brimming with new ideas.” – The Verge

  • PICK-UP-AND-PLAY DESIGN Easy to start, hard to put down, an entrancing mix of intriguing puzzles with a simple user interface INNOVATIVE TOUCH CONTROLS A tactile experience so natural you can almost feel the surface of each object REALISTIC 3D LOCATIONS Immerse yourself in a variety of stunning environments which will challenge your puzzle solving prowess. DETAILED 3D OBJECTS Pore over the intricate details of dozens of artifacts in search of their hidden secrets. UNNERVING AUDIO A haunting soundtrack and dynamic sound effects create a soundscape that reacts to your play. CLOUD SAVING NOW SUPPORTED Share your progress between multiple devices, and unlock the all-new achievements. MULTI LANGUAGE SUPPORT Available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish & Brazilian Portuguese.

  • Fireproof Games is a small independent studio based in Guildford in the United Kingdom.Find out more at fireproofgames.com Follow us @Fireproof_Games

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    Что нового в последней версии

    Знакомый кинул ссылочку на прикольное видео увлекательного геймплея. Был поражен. Решил скачать и установить "The Room Two" для Android. Прохождение легендарной головоломки от Fireproof Games под названием The Room Two! Как вы знаете она сочетает интригующую, мистическую и страшную атмосферу! Обилие загадок, тайн и головоломок- Над которыми я сильно ломал голову) Всем приятного просмотра!Мой второй канал:
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    Game plan - это наша постоянная рубрика, посвященная новым Android играм, которая выходит несколько раз в неделю, в зависимости от количества вышедших новых игр, которые разумеется достойны внимания.
    Game plan:
    The Room Two
    Для видеообзоров используется планшет Asus Nexus 7 (2013) и видеокамера Sony HDR-CX200E.

    Дополнительная информация

    • Скачать The-Room-Two-1.05.apk (без смс)
    • Продавец / Game Developer: Fireproof Games
    • Размер файла: 279 Mb
    • Текущая версия: 1.05
    • Оценка 4,9 из 5 на основании 1844 голосов.
    • Требуемая версия Android: зависит от устройства
    • Возрастные ограничения
    • Локализация: русский присутствует
    • Права Root: не требуются
    • Защита от вирусов: проверено VirusTotal

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